Sunday, September 5, 2010

the posh, posh, travelin' life!

In one of my favorite childhood movies, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", the minor character Grandpa Potts, always dressed in his safari gear, waiting for his big adventure, is mistaken for his eccentric, & goofy son, Caractucus Potts.  On most days, this wouldn't be a big deal.  But on this particular day (in the movie of course) it is.  His son, Caractucus the inventor, has recently created a magical, flying car, colorfully named Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  Word of this amazing car reaches the greedy, & ruthless Baron Bomburst, ruler of Vulgeria.  Naturally, the Baron must have his own flying car, so he sends his men to kidnap the inventor.  Here's where the mistake happens.  These conniving men kidnap Grandpa instead of Caractucus.

So here you have this elderly man, sitting in his outhouse/cabin when suddenly he & his cabin are hoist into the air by a giant blimp sent by Baron Bomburst. Now of course there is a moment of panic, but rather than lingering in that panic, grandpa opens the door to his cabin as he flies through the air and sings:

"this is livin', this is style, this is elegance by the mile. oh the posh posh travelin' life, the travelin' life for me.  first cabin and captain's table regal company. whenever I'm bored I travel abroad but ever so properly. port out! starboard home! posh with a capital P-O-S-H, posh."

If I were there and I heard him singing this I probably would have said something like: "Posh? Really Grandpa? You are flying around in your outhouse. Yeah, real posh."
But nothing that anyone might have said in that situation would phase him. Whether it really was "posh traveling" or not, it was the adventure that he had always dreamed of.  And the adventure that he never thought he would get. Grandpa Potts could not have been happier.  

On August 14, 2010 we started the greatest adventure of our lives. Sure, we're poor college students, living in a one bedroom apartment and filling our stomachs with frozen pizza, toquitos, and ramen... But we couldn't be happier. We have both dreamt about our greatest adventure (marriage), but I don't think either of us ever imagined how amazing it would be.  We are two people that could not be more in love or more excited to see what God has in store for our lives together.

"oh the posh, posh married life, the married life for us..."