Friday, September 28, 2012

five things friday.

my parents recently came to visit evan and i for the first time in tallahassee, fl.  our apartment in utah was only one bedroom, so whenever they came to visit, they always stayed in a hotel.  we have been blessed with a little more space in our new apartment, so naturally i was excited to have guests stay in our guest room for the first time!  so here is a fun five-item craft to do for your guest bedroom!

here's what you need:

so easy. 

-spray paint the basket {let dry}
-cut out flag shapes {i used both a khaki material & burlap- - made the bows w/ extra material}
-write "welcome" on flag {i just used a sharpie}
-hot glue flags to string
-hot glue string to basket

after you've made your welcome basket, fill it with fun goodies for your guests.  i included travel sized items people might forget {mouth wash, shampoo, lotion, chapstick, etc.} 

it feels like running your own little bed & breakfast! enjoy!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

my blue chair affair.

evan and i were wandering through world market the other day {my new go to place for home decor} and i saw this absolutely brilliant blue chair!  my husband, being the sweetheart that he is, let me get it as an anniversary gift {he also put it together for me! what a stud}! i am going to center my entire living room around this blue chair.  i'm obsessed. it's comfy, it's cute, the color blue is beautiful & world market sells so much stuff to match it {imagine that}.  i hope to do some major blogging damage from this blue chair. also i can't seem to ever refer to it simply as a "chair". it will always be known as the blue chair.

Monday, September 3, 2012

making our house a home.

in utah, we had a one bedroom apartment.  when evan and i were engaged and doing our first "apartment shopping" together, this one bedroom apartment seemed like more than enough for the two of us and our love :) well, that wore off after a while.  we both needed more space {me for crafts and evan for reading & drawing}.  so when we were apartment shopping for our new florida home we were determined to find a place with more space!  we found our beautiful apartment in the community of southwood.  two bed, two bath, great kitchen, huge living room, and even a loft upstairs!  before moving, we sold all of our furniture except for our bed and dining room table -- now our problem is not having anything to fill the space with! bit by bit we are adding to our new place.  it is so fun to have a blank canvas of an apartment to decorate because our tastes have changed a ton since we were first married {i mostly blame pinterest}.

we spent our sunday putting together our newest addition --  a much needed entertainment center!  we had given  "tv tray" a whole new meaning {that was all we had to put our tv on for the past few weeks}.  i cannot wait until every room in our place is decorated and "homey" feeling, but until then, i'm so thankful for our new little entertainment center & how God is providing for us.