Tuesday, November 2, 2010

catching up.

So.... It took us about three hours to create our blog. Who would have known that finding the right background would be so impossible!  After those three hours of changing our minds over and over we finally landed on one we liked (for the time being) and I wrote our first blog post!! Two months later... i'm writing our second blog post :) Therefore I figure it's time to get rolling and catch everyone up on our lives together!

After our amazing wedding, my evan and i jetted to Maui, Hawaii!
We spent our days playing in the waves, laying by the pool, and well... repeating!

One of our favorite evenings was when we went to a romantic dinner (with the sun setting over the ocean) at Nick's Fish Market.  The food was delicious, and so was my date :)

After a week in paradise, we headed back to reality and our cozy apartment in Provo, UT. Boy oh boy, we sure had to get back into the swing of things faaaast!  Evan started school, and training for tennis, and I've been working full time.

Evan was named team captain this year by his coaches! It's so exciting! And it has been so cool to watch him embrace that leadership role. He has been working so hard and I am SO proud of him. It's so fun being a tennis player's wife!  Anyways!  Evan and his team have been playing hard in the off season.  They have gone to several tournaments (BYU Classic, Utah Invite, and Regionals in Las Vegas, and are playing in CA this week) Evan got the the finals in the BYU Classic, won the Utah Invite, and got to the semi finals at Regionals but had to default because he couldn't play in the finals on Sunday. Need I say? My husband is playing amazing!

My MacBook recently died on me :( and it has most of our pictures on there... Evan's folks were generous enough to send us one of their old computers so we can at least stay in touch with the world.  But that's all the pictures I have for now!

Evan and I are loving this whole marriage thing, and I promise I'll do a better job keeping you up to date on our lives! xoxo!

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great time in Maui! Congrats to Evan for being the captain!