Friday, July 13, 2012

five things friday.

my darling evan headed up the mountain past heber city for a men's retreat with some guys from our church for the night.  this is a perfect weekend for him to get away and be encouraged by some great and godly men that we have been blessed to have in our lives.

in the mean time, im hanging out at home and trying to pass the time. so here are five things to do on an evening without your man:

if i have to choose between doing laundry and dishes, or cuddling up with evan and watching a movie... i will always choose evan and the movie.  so if your man is out for the night, do some chores! this way things get done, and you get that cuddling time with your hubby when he gets home.

need i say more? it's fabulous anytime you get to sit down and do a craft, so just do it {i made some coasters-- tiles, scrap book paper, and mod podge is all you need!}.

life can get so hectic and often times our relationship with God suffers because of it.  any time you are alone in the house i suggest sitting down to read the bible, pray, and journal about your time with jesus.  times in the word sharpen you as a wife, and better equip you to encourage your husband.

emails, text messages, and phone calls are wonderful and practical ways to stay in contact with people, but there is something so special about receiving a hand written note.  take the time to write a kind note to someone who has been on your heart, it will mean a lot!

after doing the first four, you must be exhausted! take some time to put your feet up, pop in one of those movies your husband absolutely looooves {sarcasm} watching with you, and paint your nails! you deserve it, it's been quite the night!


  1. You are incredible! Love the ideas and the pictures! Love the coasters!! I think i need to hire someone to do all of those things for me...except maybe spending time with my savior! ;) Love ya!

  2. I'll have to keep this in mind the next time my hubby goes away for the weekend. Never thought about painting my nails!