Friday, September 28, 2012

five things friday.

my parents recently came to visit evan and i for the first time in tallahassee, fl.  our apartment in utah was only one bedroom, so whenever they came to visit, they always stayed in a hotel.  we have been blessed with a little more space in our new apartment, so naturally i was excited to have guests stay in our guest room for the first time!  so here is a fun five-item craft to do for your guest bedroom!

here's what you need:

so easy. 

-spray paint the basket {let dry}
-cut out flag shapes {i used both a khaki material & burlap- - made the bows w/ extra material}
-write "welcome" on flag {i just used a sharpie}
-hot glue flags to string
-hot glue string to basket

after you've made your welcome basket, fill it with fun goodies for your guests.  i included travel sized items people might forget {mouth wash, shampoo, lotion, chapstick, etc.} 

it feels like running your own little bed & breakfast! enjoy!

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  1. This is such a cute idea! I love it! I might have to make a welcome basket for my Mom when she comes out to visit next week :]