Friday, November 9, 2012

our afternoon with chris tomlin.

yesterday was a total surprise blessing from God!

a few months back evan interviewed for a position on the georgia tech tennis team. while evan didn't get the job, he made great connections with the coaching staff there, who all happen to be friends with chris tomlin.  at a tournament last week, evan bumped into one of the coaches from gt who gave evan some extra tickets he had to chris tomlin's concert being held here in tallahassee. one thing led to another and it was brought to evan & the fsu coach's {dwayne hultquist} attention that chris loves to play tennis.  they were able to get his email and set up a time for him to come hit with evan and one of the other players on the team.

evan, being the amazing husband that he his invited me to take part in all of this.  so i went with him to go pick up chris tomlin.  it still makes me laugh.  evan and i love chris tomlin.  God has blessed him to write music that blesses countless churches and people all over the world.  he's an amazing musician, and a pretty good tennis player!  we had a great afternoon getting to know him a bit, and absolutely loved worshipping with him at his concert later that night-- ok, and backstage afterwards was fun too!

like i said, a surprise blessing.  it was so surreal to have had him in our little fj cruiser one minute, then be watching him lead worship on stage in front of thousands of people! i never thought i would meet someone i esteem so much. thanks God!  chris has a new record {burning lights} coming out january 8.  if you've never listened to chris tomlin's music i highly recommend it. through Christ, his music will refresh & minister to your soul.

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  1. how cool is that you got to hang out with chris tomlin. i like his songs very much! was your husband interviewing for a coaching position? my husband is an asst coach at a university but not for tennis but cross country and track