Wednesday, November 7, 2012

zoe lynn's 1st birthday.

disclaimer: get ready for a lot of pictures!

i recently had the pleasure of heading out to california for my adorable niece's first birthday.  my sister rachel loved the idea of a bright pink & orange party w/ lots of butterflies. before i even got out to california, rachel had gotten a ton done! most of the week was spent, cutting fabric, hot gluing until our finger tips had burnt off, and running any last minute errands.  with lots of help from friends & family, we turned the curtis' {rachel's in-laws} home into birthday party central!

the decor for this party was mostly diy {only the butterlies, patio lanterns, flowers, & balloons were not}, so boy oh boy did rachel and i get our fill of craftiness for a while {a very short while of course}.

it was such a beautiful day to celebrate this little one! it's amazing how much zozo {as we call her} has grown in only a year! she has the sweetest & brightest personality, & simply everyone she's around gushes over her, especially auntie sarah.

love you zoe lynn, so excited for the years to come little girl!